Best Android TV browser for streaming 2024 ( free download )

Best Android TV browser for streaming

Best Android TV browser for streaming in  2024

Today we have one of the most UI-refined TV internet web ad-block.

BrowseHere Videoplay browsers are available free for TCL Android TV, Android TV box, and Android Set-top Box.

You can easily stream movies, TV Shows, Anime, and Videos, and surf the web without ads.

With built-in Android TV OS support, it is fully functional with the TV remote. It includes features such as bookmarks, browsing history, search engine shortcuts, and cookies blockers.

Best Android TV browser for streaming: BrowseHere

Key features of BrowseHere:

Free movies and anime. No need to search for free content, now you can get brilliant FREE content from the world wide web on our homepage.

To keep up with the times. Now BrowseHere delivers popular search terms. This feed offers an unfiltered overview of the most popular and breaking news articles from around the world.

Bookmarks. Bookmarks help you save your favorite websites and provide quick navigation for revisiting later.

Story. The history list helps with memory. Both will save you time searching for your favorite websites.
BrowseHere respect privacy. The app itself does not collect or share any information about the user, such as location or cookies.

Mobile phone input. With a QR code web page, you send a URL to a TV without a TV remote and keyboard (only certain TV models are supported).

One of the nice features of this browser It contains an IPTV player that enables you to play links m3u Url 

browser iptv player browsehere
iptv player browsehere


For FREE IPTV links, you can click here 

Other benefits of BrowseHere:

Quick search with Google search engine
Web page Zoom in and out
Scroll mode to move the web page up and down faster
Your feedback is valuable to BrowseHere browser.

Whenever you have any problems or suggestions when using BrowseHere, you can join BrowseHere Telegram channel:

Best Android TV browser for streaming
Best Android TV browser for streaming

Supported TVs and streaming devices (including but not limited to the following Android TV and Fire OS devices):

TCL Android TV(Beyond TV, Union TV, Smart TV)
Sony TV
Xiaomi TV
Air TV
Hisense TV
Philips TV
Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick
Amazon Fire TV Cube
MeCool Android TV Box
X88 PRO 20


download BrowseHere

Git from google play store Best Android TV browser for streaming

download Browsehere apk

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